Last week's letter to the editor from a Tennessee driver has left a bad taste in some people's mouth. No one likes to think they have driven through a radar trap, much less live in one. So...the Tennesseean, must have been wrong...or lying, and that's a pretty harsh charge.

Let me begin by saying I don't think we live in a radar trap. That's easy for me to say, I didn't get the ticket. However, I keep one of my near deaf ears trained on the police scanner, and what I hear are police officers and deputies doing their jobs.

In defense of the driver from the fair state of Tennessee, he, much like I often have, probably never really paid any attention to the flashing school lights until he saw the reds and blues, then all of a sudden it's hey, those lights just came on!

People have also made remarks about county deputies patrolling on Highway 287, and ticketing speeders. They're doing their jobs folks. They are out in the county, if they get lucky someday, they'll interdict some drugs.

If you get caught speeding, you should've slowed down.

For the few tickets I've gotten, (and it's been a long time), I always assume I've missed ten, because I'm human and I make mistakes. If I get caught speeding, I figure that's the rules of the game, and I pay the price.

Now then, since the Oklahoma legislature is in session I have been inundated with e-mails, and I am blown away how all those good old boys and girls in the capital are looking after us by cutting taxes. They want to give tax breaks to veterans, people that drive Hybrid cars, Homestead Exemptions, cutting our income taxes and a wide variety of other things.


Then they want to give $9 million in aid to rural fire fighters, (and they deserve it), and any number of other equally deserving causes. What I can't figure out is where they'll get all the money when they are saving us so much on our taxes?

We as taxpayers can never be happy, we want everything from our politicians. We just don't want to pay for it.

The word for the week-Oxymoronic

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