Some fellow named Davis (not Bud!) reported with disapproving sarcasm that the Taos jail was securely fastened with a twine string.


Some years ago back East, the U.S. Census Bureau counted 11,308 persons 21 years of age or older in their county, with 14,878 registered to vote.


I like Aflac commercials on TV, but I could do without most of the others. Since many TV ads are promoting new movies, here are some categories I've never seen on TV that could be used: lousiest, wildest, sloppiest, dumbest, lowest necklines, shortest skirts.


You know you are in the country when:

There is not a traffic light in the county; *

There are more pickups than cars around the square;

There is a square;

You don't go to the grocery store “for a minute” because you know you'll meet somebody you've known forever and get into a good conversation with them;

If you forget your billfold, you can borrow from a friend and pay him later;

Help is at hand if you are in trouble.

And I certainly do like it here in the country!


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