Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

A year has passed since the Iraq invasion. I look at the news all the time and I feel bad that our men and women are still over there. It seems that hardly a day goes by that we don't have casualties over there.

A year and the goals we went into there to attain are either impossible or have been fulfilled. We went in to rid a country of it's biological weapons and we have yet to find any. We have deposed the leader as we had planned and that is good. We have secured the oil fields though that was not on the open agenda for Iraq. We have not crushed terrorism, which was part of the justification for going into Iraq in the first place.

I don't pretend to know what was on the hidden agenda but obviously we have not finished that or we would be gone. I expect once we do pull out of Iraq that the people there will revert to the old ways. I think a new order will rise much like in Iran, a theocracy of fanatics.

Anything taken to extremes is dangerous.