by Norma Jean Young

Some of us old-timers probably remember what happened 48 years ago this month. Give up? It was the worst snowstorm this area has ever had. There was no way to measure it. In some places it completely covered houses and many vehicles; in other locations the winds swept the ground clear.

Electricity was off for several days, but the phones kept working, which enabled us to continue checking on family and friends.

The storm started late on a Thursday and continued through the following Sunday. By Monday morning it had quit and the sun was shining, but most people could not get their cars out. Or if their car was free, they couldn't move more than a few yards due to the enormous drifts here and there.

Many cattle were frozen and others wandered off several miles to the south. Fortunately there were no human deaths in the immediate area.

Our older daughter, Christy, had just turned four, and she was driving us crazy to get to my mother's house a mile away, where my visiting twin cousins were driving my mother nuts. So Bob and I took turns carrying Christy up there, since our car would have made it about 10 feet into the trip. That one mile to our destination seemed more like ten miles. What a storm!

As I write this on Monday, (March 14), the TV tells us to expect snow and maybe rain starting today and continuing through Tuesday. So we'll see. Sounds fine, unless it's a re-do of 1957.


I mentioned recently that my cousin, Sandie Cook, is a computer whiz. She recently learned on E-bay that a Ritepoint pencil was for sale that was a give-away advertisement for the old Consumer's gas station in Boise City. She ordered it and sent it to me. Printed on it is their logo, a red and black circle with “Use Co-op Products” and the following information: “Co-op Solvent Refined Oil. Consumer's Fuel Ass'n, Boise City, Oklahoma, phone 159 or 116.”

Those phone numbers will take you back a few years. Oh, for the good old days when things were not so complicated.

The pencil is now at Cimarron Heritage Center. And it still writes.


Lottie Brandt Williams tells me that Gunther's grandchildren were not with him often and will have very few memories of him when they are grown. For this reason, Lottie wants Gunther's friends to send her notes about him which she will give to the children.

No long stories are expected—just personal memories that would make the children feel closer to him.



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