I decided not to complain about the wind we have had lately. Things could have been much worse - tornadoes, flooding (we would be hard-pressed to endure that one) and many other “natural” events of nature occurred even as we were living with very hefty wind gusts and the re-depositing of Colorado 's topsoil. As for me, I was minding my own business a week ago Sunday and had hunkered down with the animals for the afternoon, having decided that I wouldn't be annoyed by the blasts of chilly air rattling the windows. Suddenly there was a “thwack” followed by another “thwack”. The sound brought me to attention - and the dogs followed suit. Looking out the front door and northern windows I expected to see a felled tree, but nothing seemed amiss. It was only later, as I opened up my back door, that I noticed someone else's door lying on the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps. That's right - someone is now missing one of their doors! I only wish I had witnessed its ascent from point A to its descent into my backyard. So, if you are the person whose door found its way to my house, let me know. Talk about the power of “wind gusts”!


I would like to send “kudos” out to our local firefighters - whoever they are these days. In the past I knew them all, but those guys are now long retired and a new crop of volunteers are manning the shiny red fire engines and the rumbling war wagon. Over the past few weeks I know they were called out several times, aiding a local couple late at night and fighting grass fires. I think we just rely on the assumption that these guys will come to our rescue, and we don't always think about the fact they are all volunteers, willing to jump out of bed at 3 a.m. or leave their job at a moment's notice to charge into action. Thank you!


And even as we are blessed with a great fire department, we are also very fortunate to have a great ambulance service. With them as well, we assume that a phone call will bring a team of life savers to take care of our needs - morning, noon or night. Dragged from sound sleep or pulled away from their daily activities, these care-givers respond to crisis quickly, willingly and efficiently. What would it be like if we had to wait for an ambulance's arrival from Dumas, Clayton or Springfield ? Just thinking of that scenario should make each of us seek out our ambulance crew and tell them “thank you” for being on call 24-7.


My niece's little girls, Kaytlyn and Tambre, are here for a visit. While traveling between Boise City and Guymon, Kaytlyn (who is seven) was discussing with her grandmother the fact that her cousin was a vegetarian. Kaytlyn said she, too, wanted to become a vegetarian. When her grandmother inquired as to why she would want to do that, Kaytlyn replied, “Well, I've always liked taking care of animals.” (Smile for the day.)

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