County Communities Involvement Needed

We are trying to get the word out that we are in need of those people that have not filled out and turned in a 911 information sheet to the Cimarron County Sheriff's Office to please do so.

This information sheet will be used to better help all Emergency Personnel serve you and our community better.

The information requested on these forms is general information about you and your household members and any chronic medical needs and/or disabilities that you may have.

It also asks for driving directions to your home so that we can get there in a timely manner.

There is other information requested as well, all of which would add to the safety of you and your family in an emergency.

The Sheriff's office will begin calling individual homes to ask these questions to be filled out over the phone by one of our dispatchers beginning next week.

You can help us by calling the Sheriff's office at 544-2020 any time to request to fill one out over the phone or go by and fill one out yourself.

The Sheriff's Office, Local Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Ambulance Services and Emergency Management Department would like to thank you for your cooperation in this and would like to assure you that this information will be used for emergency purposes only.