Collins Comments
by Kelly Collins

I have been thinking about things, I can hear the groans already. Nothing in particular to write about this week that I haven't covered already. So I thought I would touch on consumerism.

How many of you have one or more pieces of gym equipment stashed in the backroom or garage? And that bread maker when was the last time you used it? The roto-tiller that you were going to use to redo your yard and plant a small garden with, where did you stash it?

We all get caught up in things and prepare to do them but somehow the routine breaks down and we don't. That is after we have spent considerable amounts of money getting the equipment.


I can hear some protests now. Well I still plan on using it. Be realistic, you know you will start the exercycle up for a day or two then other more important things will draw you away from it.

Here is my plan. A county-wide swap meet. Bring no money, just bring the gadget or gadgets you are not using and trade it for another gadget that you have been thinking about buying. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it. It's a good way to visit old friends you have been putting off visiting, it will save everyone some money that could be better spent buying impractical things like 400 inch TVs, some new add on for your computer or maybe a TV for the back seat of your car.

I don't know, what do you think?