Brandt's Garden Center will continue operations...

Landmark store will operate through Spring, to Fall

35-year-old Main is for sale to right buyer

According to Stanley Smoot, Brandt's Garden Center will operate through the spring, summer and fall, possibly even into the winter.


The future of the 35-year-old Boise City landmark is questionable after the death of owner Gunther Brandt earlier this year. Smoot, along with Brandt's sister, Lottie Williams, plan to keep the store open for the near future; its survival is unclear after this fall.

“We want all our customers to know, we are going to continue through spring and into the fall; possibly even the winter,” Smoot said. “If it works out, we may continue.”

However, Smoot explained that the business is for sale and a price will be set after an appraiser looks over the property.

“We of course would love to see it bought by a local individual; but we welcome any interested buyer,” Smoot added.

“We've had a lot of people asking about our equipment; but we'll need all of it, until our plans are firm,” Smoot said.

“But, we will no longer sell any power equipment. I'll try to service equipment as I have time,” Smoot explained.

“We are going to continue to sell bedding plants and supplies for our plants.”

“We will continue to sell bulk vegetable seeds, but we will not have flower seeds packaged on the rack.”


“We should have 12 to 1400 plants, tomatoes, and peppers ready about mid-April. I know we are going to have a blackberry crop and maybe peaches if a freeze doesn't get them. But we don't plan to have a large garden this year,” Smoot said.

“We have several trees dug up and ready for sale; but we are going to phase out the nursery,” Smoot explained. “We'd like to have all the trees sold by this fall.”

“We just plan to try and run it as good as Gunther did,” Smoot said with a smile.

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