Hello all. This past week I went skiing for my first time at Red River with my church's youth group. It was a wonderful experience. I started on the bunny slope to learn to ski and use the chair lift. Then I went to the gold slope which was alright but I couldn't get enough speed to make me happy. The weird part is, I was on the gold slope all morning and daddy still made me take ski lessons in the afternoon. My ski instructor's name was Che he was so cute!! My friends and I had a hard time focusing on the lessons.

So when we were done with ski school my friends and I talked daddy and his friend Jay Spry into taking us on the green trail. To get there we had to take the red chair lift. It was about a mile long and really high up. It was really scary riding the lift up the mountain. On the way up my dad and I observed that there were beads in all the trees, we made it a game to find the beads so I would not be scared. We got to the top and I sort of made it down in one piece. It was so much fun. I think skiing is an awesome sport and will be doing it for a very long time. Next year my daddy will have to get with it if he wants to keep up with me on the ski slopes.

On our way back home we stopped in Springer and ate at Simple Simons. The owner bought two bars and one is now a church and the other is his pizza place. The pizza place still has the big bar in it like the old ones you would see in the western movies so he made that in to an ice cream bar. Oh and the service and the food is great. So next time you go to Springer drop in on Gary . So see you next week.

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