Cimarron County Deputy killed in line of duty will be honored on National Memorial

by C.F. David

The late Benjamin F. Milligan, a Cimarron County Deputy Sheriff killed in the line of duty on Jan. 7, 1909 , will be honored on May 13, 2006, when his name is added to National Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial in Washington , D.C.

Milligan was nominated by Sheriff Keith Borth.

According to the The Boise City News Historical Edition published in 1968, Milligan is also Cimarron County 's first murder victim.

Milligan was in the process of transferring Ezra Revis, of the Wheeless community to Dalhart , Texas on a charge of being drunk and carrying a six-shooter.

Revis asked Milligan to take him to an outdoor privy near the courthouse, (then on East Main where Cimarron Lumber now stands). Milligan, according to the write-up, complied with Revis' request. Once inside the privy, Revis acquired a hidden gun and exited the bathroom shooting. One of the bullets struck Milligan on the left side and passed through his body, killing him instantly. Revis then ran to the Pulis Livery Stable just west of the courthouse, (near the present liquor store), and stole a horse belonging to Commissioner E.G. Boyls. Revis threatened Mrs. Pulis with the gun, and attorney W.T. Cleeton got off two shots from the courthouse but neither struck the killer.

Revis rode the horse north one mile, west two and then back north at a hard gallop to avoid a quickly formed posse. He stole another horse from the front yard of the Powers home, and rode into the Cimarron River breaks.


The posse, led by W.S. Littlefield stayed on the trail until dark. Other posses were formed over the next few weeks and led by Sheriff D.C. Sloan, but in spite of having a bounty of $1,250 on his head Revis was never apprehended.

There were several reported sightings in Wheeless, north of Springfield , Colo. on a heading for Lamar , Colo. And Revis was even suspected in an armed robbery in Texhoma, but he was never charged for Milligan's murder.

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