County Stock Show results


Kelby Reed, Grand champion, Reserve Champion, Junior Showman , animals bought by Boise City Co-op and Stockman's Feed Bunk

Brandon Durham, third and fourth places, Senior showman , animals bought by the Cimarron county Youth Supporters, (CCYS), and the Elkhart Co-op

Rachel Durham, fifth Place , bought by Gustin equipment


Tyler Avent, Grand champion, Senior Showman , bought by Boise City Co-op

Heather Axtell, Reserve Champion , and third place goats, bought by CCYS and the First State Bank of New Mexico .

Remington Axtell, fourth place, bought by The First State Bank of Boise City .

Dancie Meister, fifth place and Junior Showman , bought by Jim Malone.

Goats sent to the floor

Trista Ogle, bought by Farm Credit of Guymon.

Dakotah Hicks, The Aim Agency.

Frank Twombly, Hopkins Ag Supply.


Cydne Hitchings, Grand Champion , bought by Cimarron Feeders.

Justin Balenseifen, Reserve Champion, bought by Cargill Ag Horizons.

Tiffany Hicks, Third Place , ( sent to the floor ), bought by Myers Tires.

Shelby Davis, fourth place, bought by CCYS

Katie Cryer, fifth place, bought by Elkhart Co-op

Tiawna Cayton, sixth place, bought by CCYS.

Tiawna Cayton, seventh place, bought by Hopkins Ag.

Justin Balenseifen, ninth place, bought by No Man's Land Beef Jerky

Tyson Kirkendall, tenth place, bought by Mizer Farms

Douglas Wiley, bought by CCYS

Bryan Balenseifen, bought by Farm Credit

Kody Durham, bought by Farm Credit

Kayla Mizer, bought by First State Bank of Boise City

Matthew Wiley, bought by Bartlett 's Grain

Ty Baker, bought by Boise City Farmer's Co-op

Toni, Broaddus, bought by Jarred Stewart

Sent to the floor

Tanesha Cayton, Junior Showman , bought by Cargill

Tacie Cayton, bought by the First State Bank of New Mexico

Jake Hitchings, bought by Cargill

Megan Trantham, bought by Gustin Equipment

( Senior Showman Jill Spake did not sell her pig.)



Zach Prather, Grand Champion , bought by Gustin Equipment.

Samantha Prather, Reserve Champion , bought by C&M Cattle.

Logan Brakhage, third and fourth places, bought by Bartlett's and Boise City Co-op

Tyler Avent, fifth place and Senior Showman , bought by CCYS


Jill Spake, Grand Champion , bought by First State Bank of New Mexico

Zach Prather, Reserve Champion , (sent to floor) bought by Boise City Co-op. This beef was donated to the Boise City Senior citizens and the Cimarron County nursing Home. The processing was donated by Brown's meat Locker, of Stratford .

Shelby Davis, third place, bought by CCYS.

Brittni Crane, fourth place, bought by CCYS.

Ethan Davis, fifth place and Junior Showman , bought by Texhoma Livestock Auction

Sent to the Floor

Austin Waters, bought by Mr. and Mrs. Cap Williams

Vern Twombly, bought by CCYS

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