From the Eyes of a Child

By Riannon Toon

Hello all,

This week has been really fun. My cousin in Oklahoma City told us about a friend of hers that has written a book for a little Amish girl who lives in Indiana . The little girl's name is Mary Ann and she has cancer in her cheek called Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Melynna Hewitt is the author of the book and wrote it to raise money to help Mary Ann's family pay for chemotherapy and all the other medical costs. The book would be a wonderful Easter gift for anyone who has kids or grandkids or neighbor kids. My cousin has sent a couple of dozen copies to us so that anyone who wants one for Easter can be sure and get it from us this week.

This book has a really sweet story. It is the story of a build-a-bear bunny named faith that goes with Mary Ann to Indianapolis for her chemotherapy and just helps her not be scared. It reminds her that Jesus loves her and is with her everyday. You can read more about it at

There are some really great stories of how God has worked things out during this project and brought just the right people together at just the right time. The book comes with a CD that is narrated by Libby Thomas who sings and reads the book in the voice of the rabbit and “Jesus loves me” is sung by some Amish children in Pennsylvanian Dutch. It is illustrated by Kelly Brown who said it was a good thing Faith was a bunny instead of a teddy bear because she can't draw bears.

Anyone who would be interested in buying a beautiful book for someone you know or just to help a little girl and her family during this difficult time can let me know or go to the website for the book. We have books at our house so there won't be any shipping cost just the price of the book which is twenty dollars.