Nurse leaves retirement for Cimarron Memorial

Linda Hoover, left retirement in Texhoma to head the nurses at Cimarron Memorial Nursing Home, replacing Wanda Harbert.

Hoover began her nursing career in Woodward in 1990 as an L.P.N. She received her RN's Degree from Amarillo College in 1992.

“I raised my family first. I waited until my two daughters had graduated from high school,” smiled the grandmother of four.

Hoover retired in June after a career working in elder care in Texhoma and Guymon, only to leave retirement, and on some evenings her home in Texhoma.

“I've done most of my work with the elderly, in Home health or in the nursing home. I just like it. I think they, (the elderly) have lots of experience and wisdom if we just take the time to listen,” Hoover explained.

“I feel the elderly are like a library. They can fill our lives with wisdom, knowledge and advice.”

“Our major concerns should be their welfare and dignity. They should be treated with respect and be protected.”


Her husband Roy works for Chevron-Texaco, so there are no plans to move to Boise City permanently; however, with warm weather, Hoover plans on moving a fifth-wheel trailer nearby for those nights she can't drive home.

Hoover, who admits she's never been a D.O.N. before, plans to keeps her hand in the day-to-day nursing as time permits.

“I'm still going to try to do the one-on-one; try to see the clients every day,” she said. “I'll help on the floor if I have the time. I don't think I can do my job if I don't have hands on.”

I am very pleased with the care the residents get,” she added.

“I think it's important that each resident has water, or something to drink in front of them all day. I think we need to be sure they are getting enough to drink.” she explained.


Hoover realizes that the residents aren't her only clients.

“I think it's real important to keep the employees happy.

“I think I'll try to keep everything where Wanda was [in operation of the facility] if it's not broke, don't fix it,” she said.


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