Betty Kincannon is awarded National Board Certification

Betty Kincannon, a First Grade teacher in the Boise City Public Schools was recently recognized as meeting the rigorous requirements for becoming a National Board Certified Teacher. Mrs. Kincannon is one of two Boise City School's teachers meeting the requirements for National Board Certification. Mrs. Pat Ramsey is also a National Board Certified teacher.

National Board Certification concentrates education reform in the classroom; where teaching and learning takes place. The certification is a demonstration of a teacher's practice as measured against high and rigorous standards.

The National Board's work is guided by five core propositions that articulate what teachers should know and be able to do. This expression of ideals guides the development of the National Board's standards and assessment. Using these core propositions as a foundation, NBPTS standards further detail what constitutes accomplished teaching in every subject and for students at all stages of their development.

To identify teachers who make these standards come alive in the classroom, and to help all teachers move toward accomplished teaching, the National Board has developed cutting-edge, performance-based assessments to measure teaching practice against these high and rigorous standards.

What is unique about this process is that it assesses not only the knowledge teachers possess, but also the actual demonstration of their skills and professional judgment as applied daily in the classroom. Candidates for National Board Certification must critically analyze and reflect on their practice and demonstrate how effectively they act on their insights.

The National Board's standards and performance assessments constitute the framework for National Board Certificates. They are structured to reflect the way teachers really teach by their expertise across subject matter and their knowledge of how students learn at different stages of their development. These assessments draw the focus of the NBPTS standards into the classroom and reflect a vision of teaching as a collegial enterprise involving complex decision-making. During the certification process, a teacher's students are actively involved and they work together to analyze student work, classroom lessons, and instructional objectives.

There is a direct connection between what teachers know and what students learn. The high standards of teacher knowledge and skill underlying National Board Certification assures that National Board Certified Teachers possess deep subject knowledge and the ability to teach that subject in ways that help students learn.


National Board Certification Process

All National Board assessments consist of two major parts, the portfolio entries and the assessment center exercises. While the specific directions to candidates seeking National Board Certification vary from one assessment to another, as is appropriate for differences in content and developmental level of students, the major parts of the assessments are stable over all certificate areas offered.

Teachers prepare their portfolios by videotaping their teaching, gathering student learning products and other teaching artifacts, and providing detailed analyses of their practice.

Teachers write answers to questions that relate to content specific to their fields.

A successful candidate must have completed and submitted all required portfolio entries and assessment center exercises and meet the performance standard of 275 points.

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