Burns assigned to board

Linda Burns, of the Department of Human Services has recently been appointed to the board of Cimarron Memorial Hospital.

Bill Percifield (County Commissioner Dist. 3) appointed me and I attended the last board meeting.

“I decided to do this because I live in this community and I thought it was a way to serve.”

“I go to the doctor here; I used the physical therapist after my surgery.”

“I think everyone has an obligation to be of whatever service they can.”

Burns, a seven-year citizen of Cimarron County, has a Business-Economics degree from Oklahoma State and has worked for the DHS since her graduation in 1990.

“I am an advocate both for the taxpayer and the Developmentally Disabled consumer,” Burns explained.

Of the other members of the board, Burns is highly complimentary.

“All of them are very intelligent. Maybe I bring Social Work to the board, but each of us brings our own strengths.”

“It seems to me that the hospital department heads are eager to make it work.”

“The sales tax supporting the hospital comes up for vote this month. It's very important that people get out and vote on this. It's not a new tax, but a continuation. The hospital is important to the community, its people and the people who work there,” Burns said.