by Norma Gene Young

Over an hour was spent this afternoon, writing what I thought was a passable article for Wednesday's paper. I was just about finished with it, and something happened. Everything disappeared. Everybody who knows me is aware that I'm not (nor do I wish to be) an expert on this or any other computer. I would much prefer to have my old Linotype machine back, but it is in the museum. If I had that thing and had trouble with it all I'd have to do would be to yell at Bob Riddle and he would immediately get everything working right again. Oh, for the good old days!

One of the questions I asked on that now-lost column was “If I made two lists asking what is good with TV nowadays and what is bad with it, which would be longer?”

You can imagine how that went. My “bad” list was a lot longer than the “good” list. Since “Something” kept me from rescuing those words I used, maybe I had better not try to repeat everything. I will ask your opinion, however: where are the shows similar to what we watched when TV was new? The Dick Van Dyke show was a dandy, and there were others that were clean and funny. Nowadays there is nothing fit to watch except the news shows (and sometimes they are iffy), Antiques Roadshow, and occasionally OET A has a special that's worthwhile.

When you get to be my age you're better off to get a good book—if you can find one—and settle down to read.


Dave Barry says Californians will vote for anything put before them. He claims they have repealed gravity several times.


I stopped typing this article a short time ago and went to something else temporarily. When I came back the words I had written were gone and BIG words, “I Love Elvis” were jumping all over the screen. It seems to me that somebody from Elkhart may have been playing around with this machine. I immediately hit the space key and this column came back. See what I have to put up with in this family! It's hard sometimes. This just isn't my day. I should have stayed in bed.