Iraq makes a courageous choice

The Iraqi people accomplished on Sunday what few thought they could or would. They took a bold step toward democratic autonomy and walked, or were carried, and then stood, an easy target and waited for vote.

According to the Associated Press, 60 percent of Iraq's eligible voters did so; most having to stand for hours in line after walking twenty minutes or more to get to the polls. Others, unable to walk, were carried or pushed there in carts.

The average American can't even be bothered to register; and having registered, to even cast a ballot.

Before being allowed into the polls each of the Iraqi voters underwent a body search, (some as many as four).

Then, after they voted, in a nation where those serving as election officials had been murdered over the last several months; each voter dipped their finger into a well of indelible purple ink; and walked into bloody streets over which helicopter gunships hovered, and automatic weapon fire rattled.


They walk now, in the company of murderers and insurgents; marked with their decision to face death and vote.

Ponder this, by casting that ballot, they may have placed a target on themselves and their families.

For those of us in America who are registered and do vote, we should be awed. Those of us too lazy to vote, should be ashamed.