House Votes to Modernize Truck Permitting Process

OKLAHOMA CITY ( - The Oklahoma House of Representatives voted Thursday to modernize the state truck permitting system and boost that segment of the economy.

House Bill 1773, by state Rep. Mike Thompson, would earmark a portion of transportation funds to implement a computerized permitting system.

Under current law, truck permits are issued through a slow, archaic system often conducted for hours over the phone. The new system will allow permits to be issued immediately.

“Our truck permitting system is a bureaucratic nightmare that does not support Oklahoma companies that create commerce and good-paying jobs,” said Thompson, an Oklahoma City Republican who chairs the House Transportation Subcommittee. “If we fail to modernize the permitting system, we will stifle economic growth and continue to send jobs to other states.”

The bill would earmark a portion of truck permit fees and fines (the amount collected in excess of $1.2 million monthly) and deposit the cash into the Weigh Station Improvement Revolving Fund.

“We're going to use transportation money exactly the way taxpayers expect us to use it - to improve Oklahoma 's transportation system,” Thompson said. “We will use transportation funds to finally improve Oklahoma 's truck-permitting system and weigh stations.

“This bill is the first step in bringing the Oklahoma Department of Transportation into the 21st Century.”

House Bill 1773 passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives on a 98-0 vote on Thursday. It now proceeds to the state Senate.