Stock Show results



Kelby Reed, Grand and Reserve champions, and Sheep Showman.



Remington Axtell, Grand Champion; Dancie Meister, Reserve Grand.

Remington, junior showman, Heather Axtell Senior Showman.

Heather, third; Colt Axtell fourth; Kelby Reed fifth, Finishing , out of the money Trista Ogle.



Shelby Davis Grand; Jill Spake, Reserve Grand and Senior Showman; Rachell Durham third; Megan Trantham fourth; Ethan Davis, fifth; Shelby Davis, sixth; Dakoda Townsley seventh and Junior Showman; Kayla Mizer, eighth; Rachell Durham, ninth; and Bryan Balenseifen, tenth. Finishing out of the money, Cynde Hitchings, Ty Baker, Autumn Mizer, Douglas Wiley, Jake Hitchings, Juston Balenseifen.



Bryce Bolton, Grand Champion; Tyler Avent, Reserve Champion; Logan Brakhage, third, Tyler Avent, fourth; Samantha Prather fifth and Junior Beef Showman; Finishing out of the money, Kally Durham, Brandon Durham, Kadyn Hicks, Frank Twombly, Kody Durham.



Logan Brakhage, Grand Champion and Senior Showman; Zach Prather Reserve Champion; Brittney Crane, third; Tyler Avent, fourth, Ethan Davis, fifth; Jill Spake, sixth; Haylie Waters, seventh; Samantha Prather, eighth; Dakotah Hicks, ninth; Tyler Ogle, tenth. Finishing out of the money, Vern Twombly, and Austin Waters.