From the Cimarron County dispatcher's Log Book


14 -

Called an ambulance to transport the Life Team to the airport.


Called an ambulance to a residence on Lake road.

Responded to two elderly women stranded in a vehicle on North Highway 287. Took them to Campo, Colo. to wait for a wrecker.


Made arrangements for a subject to have a room.

Report of cattle out on Highway 385 south, contacted owner.


Responded to an ambulance call at the Longhorn Motel.

Contacted the owner of cattle out on South Highway 385.

Held one subject for INS.

Responded to an alarm at the museum, everything OK.

Report of a vehicle driving fast in a residential area. could not locate.


Report of smoke in the Wheeless area, it was Union County N.M.


9-1-1 Report of a drunk driver, it was inside Texas county, contacted Texas County Sheriff.

A minor accident at Boise City High School , contacted Boise City P.D.


An alarm at the band hall, OK.

22 -

Complaint of vehicles racing on residential streets, contaced P.D.

Report of a steer out on West Highway 325, contacted owner.

Report of a calf out on Highway 171, contacted owner.


Made arrangements for a subject to have a room.

9-1-1 call for an ambulance at Keyes.

Hold three for INS.


At 10 a.m. received a call from Baca County Colorado to close Highway 287 North.

9-1-1 call for an ambulance at the Black Mesa Apartments.

Cattle out on East 64, contacted owner.

Highway 287 North opened at 11 p.m.


9-1-1 call that there were cattle out on South Highway 385, contacted owner.

Cattle out north of Felt, contacted owner.

A complaint of a drunk or reckless driver, unable to locate.