Non-insured Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) Deadline is March 15 th

The application closing date for the Non-insured Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) is coming up for the following crops: alfalfa for grazing, sorghum forage, warm-season grass for grazing, mixed forage that includes warm-season grass varieties for grazing, mixed forage that includes sorghum forage, millet, non-irrigated soybeans, corn, cotton, and sunflowers, sweet corn, cantaloupes, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, watermelons, brussel sprouts, cowpeas, dry beans, dry peas (all varieties) guar, pumpkins, sesame, and fall spinach (planting period 03). If you intend to plant or are thinking of planting any of the crops listed above and want to have NAP coverage for possible weather-related disasters, you must make application and pay the required fees by March 15 .

NAP coverage is available for crops and commodities for which crop insurance is not available. NAP covers 50 percent of the producer's expected production at a payment rate equal to 55 percent of the crop's average market price.

Producers with NAP crop loss coverage must report any loss conditions in a timely manner. The notification of loss must be filed on Form CCC-576 part B, for each crop type, or variety, as applicable, within 15 days of the date when the loss becomes apparent . It is important for producers to report losses when they become apparent and to not wait weeks or possibly months after the loss has occurred before you report to FSA.

After a loss is reported to the FSA office, an adjuster will be scheduled to document each loss condition as it occurs. In addition to documenting the disaster condition, appraisals and/or post-harvest inspections may be needed to document losses.

NAP benefits are based on a producer's individual crop loss. To be eligible for assistance, applicants must pay a nonrefundable administrative fee of $100 per crop, per county. Fees are capped at $300 per county not to exceed $900 for farmers with interest in multiple counties. If a loss occurs, producers must notify FSA within 15 days of the date of disaster/loss.