Felt school board minutes

The scheduled school board meeting of the Felt School system was held on Monday, Feb. 14.

Gary Maness, President called the meeting to order.

Members present were: Gary Maness, Troy Baker, Shane Thrash, Aurora Coble; in at 7:40, JJ Fain (newly elected board member)

President Maness verified with Amy Crawford that the meeting complied with the Open Meeting Law.

Superintendent John Montgomery was present as were:

Amy Crawford, encumbrance/minute clerk, Lewetta Hefley, Billy Shelden, Pam Shelden, Joe Bud Layton and Nathan Pearson

Newly elected board member John Fain Jr. read the Loyalty Oath and signed the oath

The board was then reorganized:

For president, Troy Baker nominated Gary Maness.

For Vice President Shane Thrash nominated Troy Baker both were elected by acclamation.

For the position of Clerk, Troy Baker nominated JJ Fain.

Shane Thrash and Aurora Coble are members.

President Maness asked if any of the visitors present would like to address the Board of Education on any issues: Joe Bud Layton told the members of the board that he would like the bus to drop his children off at his place of business in the afternoon after school. Pam Shelden (bus driver of the north route) told the board that her route has become longer because of new students and basketball practice being over that more kids are riding the bus. The Apples are not meeting the bus in the place originally designated, and Bill Boydstun's (bus driver of the south route) routes differ from morning to evening. When the dirt roads are muddy, it takes extra time for the bus drivers to drive their routes. Gary Maness suggested that someone take over part of the north route. Troy Baker suggested that we use one of the schools suburbans to deliver children on the north route. Pam will now meet the Apples at the Felt Wheeless turnoff and if they are late, the Apples will need to meet them at the Mexhoma Church

The Motion was made by Aurora Coble and seconded by Troy Baker to approve items one through ten on the consent agenda. The motion carried five to zero.

Lewetta Hefley approached the board about taking the Gifted and Talented students to New Mexico on April 22, 23 and 24.

Twenty-four kids plus the kids that qualify after taking the test will be going.

Gary Maness told Mrs. Hefley he would prefer shorter day trips and no over night trips,

Aurora Coble suggested to split up the kids into two different age groups and take two short day trips.

Gary Maness suggested that Guthrie has several museums and Alabaster Caverns.

Mrs. Hefley agreed to schedule dates and trips and to have them ready for the March School Board Meeting.

The motion was made by Troy Baker to not approve the upcoming Gifted and Talented Trip for 2005 and seconded by Aurora Coble the Gifted and Talented trip will be rescheduled for a one-day short trip only.

The motion carried five to zero.

As per Superintendent Montgomery's recommendation, he will implement mud routes and deem when they are necessary.

The motion was made by Shane Thrash to approve the bad weather "mud routes" for school busses and seconded by JJ Fain.

The motion carried five to zero.

Coach Nathan Pearson told the Board that he would like to take any of the kids on his basketball team that were able to go to the State Basketball playoffs, the trip would be Thursday, Friday, Saturday and return on Sunday the first week of March. The sponsors would be two males (Coach Pearson and Coach Halcomb) and two female sponsors.

The motion was made by Troy Baker and seconded by JJ Fain to not approve student basketball trip to the State Basketball trip March 4, 5, and 6 of 2005.

The motion carried five to zero.

A motion made by Troy Baker to approve the resignation of Superintendent John Montgomery and seconded by Aurora Coble

The motion carried five to zero.

There was no unfinished or new business before the board.

The Motion was made by Shane Thrash to adjourn at 9:21p.m. and seconded by Troy Baker

The motion carried five to zero.

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