Memorial Hospital sales tax issue passes 4 to 1

Southwestern Public Service Franchise proposition passes

With Tuesday's election, Cimarron County voters have once more passed a two-percent sales tax earmarked for Cimarron Memorial Hospital.

The tax revenues are used by the hospital to pay utilities, insurance premiums and taxes.

The hospital recognized revenues of $258,376.31 in 2003 from taxes collected.

The successful vote continues the tax enacted three years ago in a similar election.

Not quite one-third of the county's registered voters cast a ballot. Of 2,097 registered active and inactive voters, 511 voted yes for the sales tax continuation; 109 voted no, for a combined 620 votes cast.

Residents of Boise City had an opportunity to vote on another issue, giving Xcel energy, doing business as Southwestern Public Service an energy franchise within the city; 272 voted yes, 40 voted no.