There is a woman in Norman who is very interested in old quilts, and she is hoping there are a few in Cimarron County still hanging together that were made during the depression years.

Donna Skvarla is the woman's name. Her interest is to gather quilts that were made during the 1930s-the worst years of the depression. She is a Certified Quilt Appraiser in Oklahoma , and hopes to locate some good examples of the work for display.

During the 1980s there was a pink and white “Snail's Trail” quilt dating from the 1920s during the Central Oklahoma Quilt Guild's documentation project. The quilt was from Cimarron County and made by Alice Gleaves Perrine and quilted by the HEO Club. Ms Skvarla does not know what HEO stood for, and neither do I. Can anyone help?

I have talked to several women since I heard from Ms Skvarla, but with very little luck. In spite of the fact that my memory does not work well, I feel sure there are still some depression quilts around, even though many were probably passed on to the quilters' children and grandchildren.

In case a few of those treasured items are still available, Ms Skvarla plans to come to Cimarron County in the spring to see them, and interview the quilters if possible. I would appreciate calls from anyone who is willing to help with this project. My phone is (405) 544-3136.


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