Only two weeks have gone by for this session, but it has already been an extraordinarily busy time at the Capitol. There have been several initiatives that have been passed out of committee and are ready for action on the House floor.

The four day amendment cycle that the House has adopted allows for any member to view bills as they pass out of committee and post amendments to the bill. This helps both members and the public see what could happen to the bill once it is on the floor. Because of the time needed for the amendment cycle, the bills that passed out of committee last week will be heard this week. This week the tempo at the House will continue to be very busy.

Already during session there has been Rose Day, County Officer Day, Panhandle Day at the Capitol, Higher Ed Day, and Aggregates Industry Day. I appreciate all the people that have already come out from this area to visit with me about issues and problems. If you are in OKC, please stop by and visit your Capitol and come by my office to discuss pending legislation.

During Panhandle Day at the Capitol a group from Texas and Cimarron Counties did just that. They also were able to meet with Senator Laughlin and other elected legislative leaders. I was able to introduce them from the floor of the House and Senator Laughlin did the same in the Senate chambers.

Rose Day is a day in which pro-life groups bring roses to their legislators to remind them about the preciousness of life. This year I was privileged to introduce all the Republican House members that are pro-life at their meeting in the House chambers. There are several measures this session that will continue the pro-life legislation passed last session.

I met with Dr. Bryant for lunch the day before Higher Ed day and discussed Oklahoma Panhandle State University . Plans for the new Science and Agriculture Building are progressing quickly and ground breaking should not be too far in the future. OPSU continues to be a great bargain for a great education at an exciting university.

As usual I was inundated with county officers during the first week of the session. I had county officers from six different counties stop by and visit. These officials do a fantastic job for our area and they sat down with me and pointed out some of the bills that will help or hurt them. I appreciate their viewpoint in looking at bills during the session.

One bill that will be heard this week in committee that will definitely help them is a bill to bring full reimbursement to the counties for school land. My bill on this topic will allow counties to receive the full ad valorem rate for school lease land. Every full county in my district is in the top six of number of school land acres per county. This will especially be helpful to Cimarron County .

I look forward to seeing you in the district or at the Capitol. If you need to call me about a problem or issue, I am available at 405-557-7384.

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