Is Al going to put a smog filter on a volcano??

Do I believe that mankind has had an adverse impact on our environment? Of course we have. How could we have not? Mankind has affected the environment since Eve plucked the proverbial apple and her son Cain turned the first soil. However, nature too has an effect on our atmosphere.

In 1883 a volcano obliterated the island of Krakatau, near Java.

The explosion was heard 4,653 Kilometers away; ash fell on ships 6,076 miles away. More than 36 thousand people were killed, most of them in 165 coastal villages destroyed by tidal waves.

The sun turned alternately blue and green as fine ash and aerosol were carried an approximated 50 KM into the atmosphere. That ash circled the equator for 13 days. The ash in the atmosphere lowered the earth's temperature by as much as 1.2 degrees Centigrade in the year 1884 and it is estimated the temperature didn't come back to “normal” until 1888.

Lately environmental alarmists such as former V.P. Gore are telling us that the earth and mankind are doomed unless we make drastic changes. Well drastic changes themselves can be dangerous and often times fatal.

There has been talk of creating a way of taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere; now as one who is untrained in science, and knowing just enough to answer a few simple questions on a game show, I'm curious just how much CO2 we are going to pull from the atmosphere and where will we put it? For you see, I was awake, in science at Keyes Junior High when coach Buck Adams told us that plants, trees, wheat, maize, etc. needed CO2 to survive. So when Enviro-Al wants us to clean up all the CO2 does he want to kill all the plants as well?

I am baffled by Al and all his friends in Hollywierd. They want us to clean up the environment, but they still want to make movies and DVDs. It costs money to create movies and TV shows, and those creations all come at an effect on the environment. It costs money and is a risk to the environment to fly to Cannes, France or Park City, Utah for a film festival.

They want multimillion dollar mansions in Beverly Hills and homes in Europe and mega-ranches in Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. How do they arrive and leave from all of these homes? They don't get there driving Hybrid vehicles, and very few of them fly commercial. They drive carbon-burning vehicles and fly CO2 producing private aircraft.

These people live at such places as Martha's Vineyard, Mass. The bay in Martha's Vineyard is a prime spot, with directional winds to support a wind farm; but heaven forbid we build one there and ruin the “view”. A wind farm in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico? Who cares, there is nothing there. When Hollywierd and their talking marionette Al Gore tell you we need to make a change, the emphasis is on we as in you and me . We'll be expected to sacrifice, and live in one home and travel in underpowered, undersized eggshell automobiles and fly the crowded skies of Southwest coach. While they fly Gulfstream corporate jets or when they do fly commercial, it'll be champagne sipping first class. They'll be met at the airports by stretched Lincoln and Rolls Royce limousines.

The word for the week is apogee , courtesy of Daniel Gilland