Most of the time I am thankful that I live in this country. But once in a while some of the crazies in Washington, DC, make it hard to go along with still another weird idea.

Many of the following comments on present-day nutty goings-on in Washington came in a letter to me that was not signed. I have no idea who sent it, but I agree with it.

One of the first things those great minds in Washington did was to rule that the Ten Commandments cannot be used on government buildings. And while they were at it, they would just prohibit any prayer in the schools.

At that point, those of us who have considered ourselves law-abiding citizens should have screamed bloody murder. But being law-abiding citizens we just sat around and grumbled.

So since those idiots got by with their goofy ideas, there are a few more important things that should be mentioned.

I think it is only fair that since so many new rules have come along, and the government and its employees are trying so hard to be politically correct, there is one matter they have forgotten. Since we are to eliminate so many things that we have been used to, I believe we should really get with it and consider everything that might offend someone.

It is probably offensive to a bunch of people that this country almost closes down on Christmas. This is unfair to every government employee. They should be able to treat Christmas as just another day in the year, along with Easter and Thanksgiving, and get to work at their regular times those days. Think how much money the government would save if all those now employed would work on those days. In fact, government employees should also work on Sundays, since some of those guys in Washington think the most important thing is to be politically correct.

Now before somebody who knows me gets riled up over these problems, please let me emphasize this: I think those who want “under God” on our money and prayer in schools should speak louder and stop giving in to minority opinions and again represent the majority of all the American people. It wouldn't hurt a bit either, to occasionally ask the Lord to help us.


Several years ago a hotshot ecologist from Washington visited New Mexico and saw his first windmill. He requested and got $50,000 from Congress to paint as many of the towers green as the budget would allow. He felt they detracted from the view.

What bureau in DC do you figure this guy now heads?



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