Cimarron county soldier asks for help for children trapped in war

by C.F. David

Robert Shank, a man who wasn't born in Cimarron County but got here as fast as he could, has written from Iraq , asking for our help.

Shank, who at 40, joined the army and volunteered for war duty is serving in a transportation unit in the war zone.

He joined and volunteered because he believes in the war, his nation, the president and God, not necessarily in that order.

As a Christian, he, like many of us struggles. In trying to do what he feels is right, he is hampered by being in a nation predominantly Muslim; but he's trying to do his part. In doing so he has written a letter and asked for our help.

Though not universal in our political beliefs, or perhaps in our support of the war, the majority of us profess to be Christians. Now its time to put our money where our mouths are, and help one of our own in trying to help others.

Be aware: Robert, in his request, has made a few stipulations that we as Christians and just plain good folks must honor.

F There must be nothing sent of a religous nature.

F When sending snacks, no pork should be included.

Robert's letter is as follows:


Hello Cimarron County

I want to ask for help on some things for the local Iraqi children.  I spoke to the Chaplain and he said if we could gather enough stuff for the locals we would go out in the town to the schools and hospitals to distribute it.

He says they need everything American children need, such as pencils, paper, pens, rulers, note books, back packs etc.  They also need clothing; he said used clothing is fine as long as it is in good taste.  Also snacks are good; please nothing with pork, and nothing to do with religion.  I ask for your help if at all possible but I also ask don't take anything away from the local children; take care of them first.  Don't feel obligated to send anything, I ask this because I have been asked what people back home can do to help.  I feel this would go a long way in building a better relationship with the locals.  By the way the locals I speak of for you Christians they live in UR the birthplace of Abraham.

  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

E-mail at

send packages to 

Spec Robert Shank

1116th Trans Co

  APO , AE

  Tallil Iraq


Thank you  Robert Shank



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