Have we all lost our minds and realization of what matters?

As I write this column, the following inconsequential and illogical things are occurring:

H The editorial pages of The Amarillo Globe-News are “smoking” due to an attempt to make smoking tobacco in public in Amarillo illegal.

H In Canyon, Texas a fuss is being made of a painting in the Randall County Courthouse depicting the Confederate Battle flag, (The Stars and Bars).

H In Virginia, members of a state Senate committee on the recommendation of its Republican chairman, killed a bill put forth by a Virginia Democrat which would have levied a $50 fine for any man wearing his pants low enough for his underwear to be seen. (This is presently a fashion fad exercised by many young black men.)

H Again in Virginia transplanted Yankees (and some locals) are fearful that their children will be emotionally scarred by not attending religious classes, (that their parents don't want them attending) and instead, staying in school.

H A Native American Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, blames the two thousand individuals dead on 9/11, for the deaths of every individual of color in history.

H The indecency bill, (inspired by Republicans aghast at seeing last year's Super Bowl Janet Jackson debacle) works its way through the U.S. House of Representatives. This is the bill which will fine radio and television stations, (perhaps as much as $500 thousand an incident), for violations of indecency.

H At the Oklahoma State House, elected officials are struggling over the “ethics” of school mascots named after American Indians.

H A Democratic Texas State Senator, Ms. Leticia Van dePutte, a pharmacist and a graduate of the University of Texas and Harvard, wishes every Texas School child's report card to record their Body Mass Index, (BMI), so the parents, (and everyone else in the school), can know if their child is overweight.

H The “education president” who wants to leave no child behind; sends up a budget with cuts in education.

Have we, and those we have elected to public office, or given tenure at our universities, all lost our collective minds? Most of these are nonissues.

F Is smoking bad for you? Undoubtedly, as is secondhand smoke, breathing car exhausts, drinking too much and over indulgence at the dinner table. But where will we stop with this legislation of “good health”? Some people are allergic to peanuts, strawberries and shell fish; will we also cease the production and sale of peanuts, fruits and shellfish?

F Is our nation's use of slavery a stain on our history? Indeed; but to ban and never show the Confederate Battle flag is to ignore that shame. The United States doesn't stand alone with the shame of slavery. Should we also do away with the Union Jack? Eastern European nations still practice slavery in the 21st century, selling women into prostitution. And bonded slaves still exist in India, Pakistan, West Africa, Nepal, Brazil and probably in large urban cities in the U.S.

F Do you look foolish wearing your pants nearly to your knees? Of course you do; and as long as you insist on such idiocy you'll advance no further in life than flipping burgers. But foolish behavior shouldn't require a fine, or time taken away from more important legislation.

F As for religious classes in Virginia, (not held on school property), if you moved from New York, or have lived in Virginia all your life, and don't like the school curriculum, find another to your liking.

F Ward Churchill, the professor from CU that compared the dead on 9/11 to Adolf Eichmann; is a racist. Had the media ignored him he would have gone away, a flash in the pan. Now, Colorado's Governor wants him fired; it will perhaps cost millions to do that; money better spent elsewhere. Let him fade in the classroom; those ignorant enough to buy into his agendas are lost already.

F Who gets to define indecent? I think television ministries indecently steal from their audiences. Let's ban them all.

F School mascots are chosen as an honor to those for whom they're named. The mascots reflect the teams' desire to win. So how can a team named the Comanches after a people that had a good mounted cavalry be an insult? Again, more important legislation is being ignored for this foolishness.

F Children have enough self-esteem issues as it is, many schools have self-esteem classes; how can a “fat grade” help? In young women it could bring on eating disorders.

F President Bush has got himself two wars going, and they need funding; so the man who wants to “leave no child behind” will cut taxes and funding for education, to supply a war chest. This is the only thing listed here that has any importance. Cutting education funds is illogical.

The word for the week is incogitable.

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