by Norma Gene Young

There is a weatherman in Amarillo who really likes the word “what”. He can't seem to get away from it. He says:

“More windy than what it was yesterday.”

“Better than what we've been having.”

“Warmer than what we had yesterday.”

“Different than what we'll have today.”

If he would leave out that word it would save him more energy than what he used during his last weathercast.


D. R. Meredith of Amarillo has a new book out that is unusual. I have read all her books and enjoyed them. This one is very different from her others.

The setting is Palo Duro Canyon, where the body was found of a woman who had disappeared five years previously. Also found nearby was the mummy of a woman dressed as a Comanche, who had been a captive of the Comanches.

The story begins with events that took place in Palo Duro in 1868 then jumps back and forth from the early date to the present.

Ms. Meredith refers to American Indians as “Amerindians” rather than Native Americans. The term “Native Americans” does not seem to me to necessarily • mean American Indians, but refers to any of us who were born in this country, even though our parents or earlier ancestors came here from another country. I think she has come up with a good word.

The book is “Tome of Death”, and it is worth reading.



A message for those who watch “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”: On Sunday night's show they showed a shot of Tye in a hospital bed, which they said will be explained in the show next Sunday.

What do you bet somebody took that megaphone away from him and beat him over the head with it, landing him in the hospital? If that isn't his trouble, well, maybe they can wrap it around his head next week.


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