Flu on rise in Cimarron County

Dr. Pam Yoga, Medical Chief of Staff at Cimarron Memorial Hospital said on Tuesday that Flu is once again on the rise in Cimarron County.

“We were lucky last year; we had no juvenile deaths because of the Flu,” Yoga said “We caught it in time.”

Yoga insists that every citizen use good health practices:


H Remain at home as much as possible.

H Wash your hands, especially after public contact.

H When you recognize symptoms get to a doctor so the course of the disease can be stopped.

H When you get the disease, remain isolated for five to seven days so it can run its course.

Yoga said she has contacted local schools trying to impress on them the necessity to send ill children home.

“So far it hasn't impacted the nursing home,” she added.

“We try to send any employees home that are ill,” she explained.

“Also, we have seen some instances when even with the shot some older people get the flu. This usually means we have a different strain active,” Yoga said.

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