2007 Valentine's couple, Wade and Bronwyn Henry

Most couples who recite their wedding vows probably go past “In sickness and health.” without a thought. But for a young couple from Keyes, that vow immediately took on a special meaning.

Wade and Bronwyn Henry were married on November 4, 2006 , shortly after Bronwyn learned she was out of remission from cancer. The prognosis wasn't good.

The previous October, Bronwyn, her body fighting back from the latest round of chemo, her hair cut short, went to a Halloween party as G.I. Jane.

The young woman, a courageous fighter took her fight to Mexico in hope of using a new therapy not yet available in the U.S. She wasn't successful.

“He'd wanted to get married for a long time. But I was too young,” explained Bronwyn, age 20. ‘But then, when I relapsed, I said OK we'll just do it.”

Wade and Bronwyn (nee Fleming) of Keyes have known each other since before junior high. They became friends as classmates in the sixth grade. Then in 2004, just after their junior year in high school, the relationship changed.

“He was best friends with my stepbrother,” Bronwyn remembered. “We attended the junior senior prom as friends in 2004,” she added.

Asked how they fell in love, Bronwyn got quiet.

“It just kinda happened...for both of us”

“He's really sweet, and he's quiet. But he talked to me. I love his smile,” she said shyly.

Asked what Bronwyn's love has meant to him, Wade hesitated.

“It means a lot to me. We've loved each other so much since our junior year. Then with her...situation...I was really happy to marry her,” Wade said with confidence. “She really makes me happy.”

Wade is presently serving in the Army, in a support group for an artillery unit at Ft. Sill . He hopes to be assigned as a recruiter so he can stay near Bronwyn and their Weatherford home.

Before his entry into the army, Wade, like other young men, had made some mistakes. He had gotten into a tight spot, but with help he extricated himself and joined the army.

“She has really stood by me,” he said quietly.

With 2006 a memory, and 2007 just beginning, the Henry's chose to face an uncertain future with courage and love.