Physican Assistant, family now call Boise City home

Cimarron Memorial has attracted a new Physician Assistant, Mark Peebles to begin his practice here. Dr. Peebles, his wife Leah, and daughters Samantha, 9, Maria, 7, Rebecca 5, and Hannah, nine months, have moved to Cimarron County from Ava , Mo. , in southwest Missouri , in the Ozarks.

Peebles, 35, is a former army medic with service in Germany . He chose the army and being a medic because he wanted a future in medicine.

“I was 17, I saw it more as an adventure,” Peebles admitted.

He attended Missouri State at Springfield and received his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees there. He admits that when he began school he had no plans to leave Missouri . However, the state had recently passed legislation he considered hostile to PAs. (The state will soon require that PAs be supervised 100 percent of the time by a doctor.) So he looked for a “friendlier” place in which to practice.

“I had a classmate that had moved to Bartlesville , and she explained to me about Oklahoma 's laws.

Douglas County Mo. where the Peebles call home is a rural area with about five thousand population, Ava, is its county seat and the only town in the county.

“One deciding factor about Boise City was that it was a good place to raise our family,” Peebles said.

The Peebles enjoy horseback riding and will when they can, move their horses from Missouri . They are also musicians, he on the guitar, while Leah plays the fiddle.

The doctor also likes to fish.

His grandparents were farmers, while his father and brother are Nazarene Ministers; he also has a brother-in-law who is a Baptist Minister. The Peebles are planning to search for a church home.

Medically, his interests lie in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.

Peebles will open his practice today, and hopes for several patients. He expects to “Hit the ground running.”