By Norma Jean Young

What a wonderful Christmas we have had! Christy and her friend, Gil, were here; we went to Elkhart to have a feast with Laura and Dan; the granddaughters came over here. Never a dull moment. And the presents were stacked to the ceiling. It was a glorious time!

Those of you who know Laura realize she is probably the funniest person alive, and is always coming up with something nobody else ever thought of. Her Christmas tree was a plastic palm tree that touched the ceiling, with lights hanging all over it, and a pink flamingo standing nearby. I would never have thought of such a thing, but leave it to Laura. It was really magnificent. I hope everyone had as good a holiday as my family did.



I'm writing this on Monday morning, and the weather suddenly turned yesterday from spring to winter, with fog rolling in the last two mornings. I have looked recently at pictures of the March, 1957, storm we had, which doesn't help my feelings a bit. Since it is January, we may be in for it. “It” meaning ice and possibly snow. So being the agile person that I am, I'll not be out of the house until sometime around April See you then.


A couple of weeks ago I watched “Oklahoma!” on TV. It started out the usual way with Aunt Eller sitting there churning (or whatever women did in those days) and soon Curly appeared, singing about a beautiful morning.

Everything was going well until the sweet young thing walked in, and horrors! She was wearing OVERALLS!

Over the years I've seen the Broadway production of “Oklahoma!”, the movie, and a TV show a few years ago, but this is the first time I can remember that any of the young women wore overalls. That was certainly not done in those days.

I sincerely wish I had paid close attention to the credits and learned what idiot costumer had dreamed up that error so I could correspond with the proper authorities and have him horse-whipped and banned from Hollywood.


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