New Year brings new faces to Cimarron County government

by C.F. David

Monday morning, Jan. 3, brought a changing of the guard in Cimarron County government with the swearing in of a new commissioner, court clerk and sheriff.

Sheriff Keith Borth

Former Boise City Police Officer Keith Borth, became Cimarron County Sheriff and inherited a department riddled by retirement and resignation. The only remaining deputy left from former Sheriff David Dunn's tenure was Derek Kincannon; Borth has hired Clayton Police office Matt Langston as his Undersheriff and will be taking applications for another deputy to be stationed in Keyes and responsible for patrolling the eastern part of the county.

On Monday, Borth admitted his first day on the job was “Hectic”.

“I'm excited to be here; it's going to be a wonderful experience; but, I have a lot to learn,” Borth admitted. “I'm trying to get my feet wet. It's going to take awhile for me to get out and going. Derek has been helping me, and every time I turn around Jo, (Dispatcher Jo Bocock), has put another paper in front of me to sign,” Borth grinned.

“We need a deputy for the east end,” Borth explained. “He or she will need to be able to live at Keyes. That way we'll have Matt on the west end, the other deputy on the east and Derek and I here in the middle,” Borth added.

“Soon I plan to get out and visit with people all over the county; they are going to see us out in the county patrolling. This is going to be a law enforcement agency. We are going to provide a service. I am not out to hammer the citizens, but we may step on some toes. But I hope people look at it as if we are trying to help,” Borth said.

Borth is also concerned that recent reports of Anhydrous Ammonia thefts mean that the production of methamphetamine might be on the rise in the county.

“We'll be out looking for possible drug activity,” Borth promised.

“I think it's going to be a real good experience, and I'm pleased to be here.”

District Court Clerk

Priscilla Johnson

Priscilla Johnson, the new District Court Clerk also had a slot to fill with the resignation of Sherridan Perdue. She has recently hired Deb Twyman, a former employee of the First State Bank of Keyes, Boise City Branch. Twyman, who begins work on Jan. 10, brings 20 years of financial experience into the office. She will join Chief Deputy Debbie Kincannon.

Johnson, who has years of experience as a paralegal, admits that even with what she has learned recently about her new job, she will be heavily dependant on Kincannon's expertise.

“I'm excited to be here Johnson said of her new position. It's going to be a wonderful experience; but I've got a lot to learn,” Johnson admitted. It's going to be a good experience; I'm pleased to be here,” she concluded.

County Commissioner District Two John Freeman

District Two Cimarron County Commissioner John Freeman stands on the other side of the office door. Freeman, was a county employee for former Commissioner Joe Bocock and bested him at the polls during the last election.

“I'm really excited about being here,” Freeman said.

“I'm ready to work with Kenneth and Bill, (commissioners Kenneth Maness Dist. One and Bill Percifield Dist. Three). We had a good meeting yesterday, ( Monday Jan. 3), and hopefully we'll see some positive changes in all three districts.”

“I plan to spend as much money locally as possible,” Freeman added. “Our tires go out on bid so I can't buy those locally,” Freeman added.

“I want to get with the school and the city and work with them as much as possible.”

“I just want the citizens to know I have an open door policy, and ask them to just be patient. I want to do all I can to serve the citizens of Cimarron County,” Freeman said.

“I really appreciate the guys who work here. I really think we have a good crew,” Freeman said of his employees and former workmates.

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