Get over yourself!!!

Already I have heard complaints of poor planning by city, county and state officials due to problems resulting from the most recent snow storm.

I have even heard comparisons to Hurricane Katrina type decisional mistakes; now really!

Have some of our leaders made errors of choice and decision? Probably, they are mere humans. But let's take a step back here. We have just endured three days of heavy snows, (20 or more inches), with sustained winds of 50 MPH. We lost electricity, and water. However, repairs cannot be made , or rescues begun, immediately under the conditions we had last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I realize we were all under stress, but the men and women who handle such things need to be commended, not lambasted. As of press time, there have been no reported fatalities, and several individuals are working and have been working to try and prevent that very thing.

Take a step back; would you work on a 30-foot pole in a raging blizzard? Would you hope to keep a road open with drifting snow ahead of winds at nearly hurricane strength? Would you, could you, risk your life to transport diesel fuel to a water pump? We shouldn't ask or expect any more of these men and women than what we ourselves are willing to try.

I thank them all.