Slinging a smooth stone

C.F. David, Editor, Boise City News

Well here we go again. According to an AP story in Sunday's Daily Oklahoman, the paralyzing few in Nashville, Tenn. have decided what's best for us all. From now on in Nashville, most likely in all of Tennessee, and anywhere sane people bow to the false God of Political Correctness, Honor Rolls will no longer be published.

A few parents decided that their poor little Johnny and Mary might be ridiculed for not making the list; so once again, success must bow before the inept.

I have also read of school systems which have suspended cheerleader tryouts because they didn't want to diminish the personalities of those young men and women not chosen. Instead, the entire student body was anointed as cheerleaders. Let's not stop with the honor roll and cheerleading squads. Why do we need to keep score during sports events? Let's make sure the kids aren't ashamed of what mommy and daddy drive; no one should own anything other than an entry level Chevrolet or Ford, no Lincolns, Caddies, or Mercedes. No winners, no losers, no one riding in comfort, everyone's feelings will be salved.

For now, when bullying is confronted in the school system, zero tolerance is the usual byword. As I understand it, even if a child defends themselves they too will be punished.

Bullies should of course, be confronted and punished. However, what message do we send by punishing a child for defending themselves? Are we not telling them that when three planes are driven into skyscrapers and federal buildings that we as a nation, cannot defend ourselves?

When these children, the children of Nashville, and other schools that cave to the PC Police become adults, how will they respond when they fail; having never learned to do so as a child?

Having not been a stellar student myself, I can safely say that if you've been reared properly you will not, cannot, be shamed by the success of others. I grew up with, graduated with, some pretty intelligent people, and have never resented their successes. I believe that the secret was and is this: If you are reared to hold your head high you cannot be shamed. To lose your integrity it must be surrendered; and if not surrendered, cannot be taken.

As a nation, let us cast off the burden of political correctness and quit worrying if our children are being psychologically harmed by learning early that they aren't as pretty, handsome, popular, wealthy and intelligent as the Jones' kids next door.

The word for the week is pragmatic