Lawrence Regnier -

Cowboy tough

by Jake Fast

If someone said cowboy tough

You would think of Lawrence Regnier sure enough

The rocks, the cedars, and the canyons shaped the man

They said try to make a living here if you can

The horses and the cattle had to have a will to live

Because not too much supplemental feeding did Lawrence give

Lawrence was noted for a voice that was strong

He could let out a yell that was loud and long

When you helped Lawrence he'd say be there at daylight

That way we'll be done before it is night

The ranch house set on the west side of a big ole bluff

When the sun came up it was daylight, sure enough

His place was located about 30 miles from town as the crow would fly

To find it after dark you better not try

It was a little hard to get a semi up to the chute to load out

The corral plan was meant for a bobtail no doubt

Each year his cows would bring in a pretty fair calf crop

They learned how to graze on the hillsides, the canyons, and on top

Lots of kick to the grass out by the New Mexico line

With a little cake the cattle made it through the winter just fine

Andy James for a whole bunch of years, I've kind of lost track

Bought the Regnier calves, must have been good or he wouldn't have been back

A signed contract it never did take

Only agreement on price and a hand shake

Lawrence's philosophy through good times or bad

Don't accept government help, just live on what you had

Their two kids were Kathy and John

They made a hand even if it was a green horse they were on

After awhile John went off to vet school

And Kathy married Bud who worked on the Spool

I don't know if Lawrence ever went to Sunday School

But I think you could say he was a man who followed the Golden Rule

If from '56 to '58 through Boise City High School you did pass

You were probably in Carrie Regnier's class

When the rains didn't come and calves sold cheap

Carrie's job helped groceries on the table to keep

For over 28 years he was on the board for the fair

The third week in September you would find him working hard there

Over the years he gave many a 4-H kid a helping hand

Most important he taught them how on their own two feet to stand

Lawrence came in to the chevy garage not exactly dressed in his Sunday best

The owner said “If you were a little more dressed up at the Rotary you could be my guest

He said, “Don't worry about it, its OK

I am going to be the guest speaker there today”

Some things have changed, some things stay the same

But you still have to be tough to make it in this ranching game.

January 2005


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