Vincent accident charges dismissed without prejudice
Fatal New Years crash still under investigation
by C.F. David

A variety of charges lodged on Jan. 8, against Stephanie Ann Vincent, 38, of Boise City were dismissed without prejudice on Jan. 9, according to records in the Cimarron County Courthouse. (Charges dismissed without prejudice may again be brought against the individual(s) charged after further investigation.)

According to documents CF 2004-00002 and CM-2004-00001, Vincent had been charged with First degree manslaughter, for the death of Brandon Wayne Abrahamson, 20, of Borger , Texas . First degree manslaughter carries a penalty of four years imprisonment.

Abramhamson was a passenger in the Vincent vehicle when it left the road and overturned on New Year's Eve five miles west and 11.6 miles north of Boise City .

The charge continued that Vincent was driving under the influence when her vehicle left the road.

Vincent had also been charged with the transportation of a loaded fire arm, a .22 caliber pistol.

The affidavit filed by the investigating officer, Trooper Boyd Perry, of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, recommended that addtional charges of reckless driving, DUI and the transportation of an open container-alcohol, be filed; Vincent and another passenger in the pickup, Anthony Hernandez, of Boise City were listed as defendants in Perry's affidavit.

The Boise City News contacted the office of District Attorney Mike Boring and asked what if any charges Hernandez faced.

In a written statement, Boring's office responded by saying:

“On January 7, 2004, this office received a Probable Cause Affidavit from the officer conducting the initial investigation into the accident that resulted in the death of Brandon Abrahamson in the early morning hours of January 1, 2004. Based upon the initial investigative report, a charge of First Degree Manslaughter was filed against Stephanie Ann Vincent on January 8, 2004. On January 9, 2004, additional investigative reports were given to the District Attorney's Office that raised issues as to the facts of the case relating to the manslaughter charges. Based on the recommendation of the investigating officers that additional time was needed in order to finalize a more complete investigation, the District Attorney's O ffice elected to dismiss the charge of First Degree Manslaughter without prejudice to refiling the same or other charges upon completion of the investigation. The investigation continues at this time and until such time as the investigation has been completed, it will not be appropriate for the District Attorney to make any further comments regarding this matter.”