by Norma Gene Young

This past weekend was a big one for big doins.

Last Friday, was the birthday party for Sally Parker and her family at The Chicken House. (Good food, good people, good times.) There were 16 relatives present. (I don't have 16 relatives.)

Saturday evening, Janie Hoffmann was honored at a retirement party. Numerous postal employees from around the area were present, as well as relatives and many local friends.

We are sorry to lose Janie, but we are glad to learn that two of Cimarron County's own, Talk Swinburne and Tracy Woolman, will soon be on duty permanently; in addition to Susie Tooley as postmaster. We couldn't ask for a better bunch.


Evidently nothing much happens in Amarillo over weekends; like bank robberies, accidents, murders or weather, since they have very few newscasts on Saturdays and Sundays.


One of these days Dave Barry will surely run out of good material to write, but so far he's still coming up with stuff.

Here is one to which I can relate.

“In the car with my teenage son, he puts in a CD for my listening pleasure, and the next thing I know gigantic nuclear bass notes have blown out the car windows and activated both the driver and passenger side air bags, and I'm writhing on the floor, screaming for mercy with jets of blood spurting three feet from my ears. My son then ejects the CD, smiling contentedly, knowing he has purchased a winner. On those extremely rare occasions when I like one of his CDs, I imagine he destroys it with a blow torch.”

Barry described a major annoyance at the beach as “a jerk who brought a boom box and cranked it up so loud that the bass notes caused seagulls to explode.”