I saw something really neat this past weekend! It was an expression of friendship, abiding companionship and love. It was also something that must have resulted in a lot of aches and groans by Monday morning! Two women - friends for ages - were repairing and painting the east side of a building on West Main . Now, I realize there may have been some men behind the scene, but I witnessed only these two girls hammering and conferring, and later striving to reach the heights with rollers on poles. By golly, they got their project completed by Saturday evening and now the side of the building is a really nice shade of barn red. The souls I speak fondly of are Kay Prather and Jan Gerald and I can only say “You go, girls” because that was one big job and it must have tweaked a few of your muscles along the way.




I have found out this planet is actually pretty small - that is if you have a computer and you sell items on eBay. True story: I began visiting with a guy in Tucson, Arizona who bought a few car accessories from me. I had the opportunity to tell him about some more I had found and he was interested in them. He then called his buddy in Dallas who called his buddy in Dallas who knew the guy who had the parts in the first place. (Makes you dizzy, doesn't it?) I shook my head over that one for a few days, because the likelihood of each of us knowing the other one was very unlikely, especially since the story began and ended with two folks from this tiny dot on the map. Cool!


I have yet to buy anything on eBay, but I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of selling. I am learning about men and women and their natures along the way. Here's how eBay works. You take pictures of an item, select a price and write a short description. With the click of a button you start an auction on that item and the auction runs for seven days. With my art objects, most of the buyers have been women - and women don't fool around. If they like the item, they place their highest bid on it the first night. But with car guys and auto items it's a whole different ballgame. Example: I had a license plate that piqued the interest of a lot of watchers, but very few bids were made. That is until the last thirty minutes of the auction. A war began between two guys - one in Tulsa and the other in San Antonio - and it wasn't until the final seconds that either one knew who won the license plate. That is the appeal, I think, for men buying on eBay. The fastest clicker wins!


I have only great things to say about the people I have sold items to and dealt with on eBay thus far. They are each proof that the majority of Americans are good, honest, affable and sincere.




I send my wishes for success to the Myers family who has decided it is time to restore the old Case building. May your dream of what that old brick building can become stay firmly planted in your heart and mind. Its restoration could begin a chain reaction, perhaps with someone else's dream of bringing life back to the Crystal Hotel. I once had a dream for that hotel - when I was in my twenties. It would become The Crystal Cactus and I would reopen the little barbershop and café that were once there (remember them?) and hire my cousins, nieces and nephews to help me run it all. (At that time they would have been willing to be cheap labor!) I would have a gift shop and run tours to the Kenton area during the summer. Maybe there is a reader out there, young or old, zealous and unafraid to capture their dream, who would throw their heart and soul into creating a one-of-a-kind hotel on the road from here to there. Wouldn't that be grand?

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