Feline arsonist suffers fatal injuries

by C.F. David

According to Boise City Fire Chief Tim Baird, a ten acre grass fire southeast of Boise City on Monday evening was started by a cat.

The fire, in CRP grass near the M&M Feedlot, was started when a cat, possibly in pursuit of a bird climbed a power pole and short-circuited a transformer.

For the cat, it was a fatal error.

After fighting the grassfire to a standstill, Baird and other firemen traced the fire back to its origin near the pole.

“We pulled up there, expecting to find a transformer on the ground,” Baird said.

Instead, they found the now deceased, but still smoldering, cat.

“He climbed up there, and got on the wrong two lugs; I don't care if you're a cat or a human if you do that, you're falling to the ground dead, and that's what he did.”

Baird said the flaming cat fell into CRP grass about two feet high and the fire was off and running.

“If it had been earlier, about one-o'clock , when the wind was up, we'd have been in trouble. We've been lucky, [not a great deal of damage]. We had six fires in December, and now two in January,” Baird said.

Fire in trailer displaces family

By C.F. David

A fire, in a trailer home, caused by an electrical short caused one Boise City family to seek shelter elsewhere on Sunday.

The trailer, owned by Frank and Rose Neatherlin caught fire when an electrical short under the bathroom caught insulation on fire Sunday morning.

The fire according to Fire Chief Tim Baird was contained to the bathroom area, a bathtub, wiring and plastic pipe were destroyed. Baird said smoke damage was minimal.

Owner Frank Neatherlin thinks the home will again be habitable once repairs are made.

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