It's that time again, property assessment

January 1st to March 15th is the time period for all residents of Cimarron County to contact the County Assessor 's office to report their personal property for Ad Valorem taxes. This includes cattle, farm machinery, and the contents of your home.

Anyone qualifying for Homestead Exemption (anyone living there) and with a gross household income of $20,000.00 or less will be eligible for an additional exemption on their real estate.

Anyone 65 year old and qualifying for Homestead Exemption and receiving a gross household income of $41,950.00 or less will qualify for a freeze on the value of the Homestead Property as long as they live there and own the same.

Please bring documentation of your 2006 income when applying for any of the above. A copy of your yearly report of social security payment, retirement, insurance, interest, federal income tax return, etc. will provide proof of income. All income, excluding gifts, must be counted.