Greetings from Wis.


On October 26th my husband and I were traveling to Ariz.   We ran out of gas about two miles from your town.  It was just getting dark, raining and very windy.  We sat for about 15 minutes trying to flag down someone to help.  A very nice man in an older, little Toyota pickup was coming from behind us and stopped.  He had a couple of gallons of gas in a can.  He didn't give it to my husband to put in our van, he got out of his truck against some of the worst wind and rain I had ever seen and put it in our van himself.  We didn't get his name and he didn't even want to take any money.  I was wondering if your paper had a section to put some kind of note that hopefully he might see.  We would like him to know how much we appreciated what he did and that we have asked God to “bless our stranger” every day since he helped us.  We will continue to ask God to bless this kind man for stopping to help.

 Thank you for your time and I sure hope he will find out how thankful we still are to him.


Jerry and Kathy Evans


Dear Editor:

 Well, after reading over 220 examples on the Internet of poems or writings containing the words “How drear would our existence be if I were like you and you were like me”, I am resignedly apologizing to my sister Shelley for suggesting she plagiarized that phrase.  However, I also challenge others who are more computer savvy than me to see if you can find documentation of any such phrase.  Shelley is a prolific writer and has been for many years. Even Shelley has memory lapses from time to time. (smile)


Nancy Roberts