Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

Maybe it's because it's a New Year but I seem to have memories on my mind. I can remember a time when mothers stayed home, and didn't have to work to help make ends meet. I can remember a time when parents had a reasonable expectation of their children having better opportunities than they did. I can remember a time when people had respect for each other; and when children were safe out side their homes. So many of these things are gone.

It wasn't just families but also companies. A man or woman could work for one company for a lifetime and retire. There was loyalty and trust between the company and its employees. I can remember when the welfare of the employees meant more than the bottom line on the quarterly reports. Jobs stayed home instead of being sent to other nations.

So much has changed; and not for the better. Our children cost more to educate than did the baby boomers and they were the largest group of children ever in our schools. Are they better educated? No; not when they have to dumb down the Scholastic Aptitude Test; when there are high school graduates that are functionally illiterate; when the sports programs are more important than a science lab.

Look around you; I am not seeing some vision. The same things are there for your eyes to see.

Could it be that we destroyed the family, the values that made us great, made us free thinkers, and diluted education in order to produce a society that accepts less freedom and more control?

There was a time that England was the police chief of the world. They were on top economically, militarily, and had a very well defined society. They were hated around the world for their “policeman's” role. Just as we are hated today for ours.

When we can finance a multi billion-dollar war and not fund public libraries because the budget is too tight; something is wrong.

When public funds can be spent to finance art works that are dubious at best and we don't have the funds to pay our teachers a living wage; something is wrong.

When some one can be fired because they were not politically correct; something is wrong.

This is America; it was founded on ideals. Christian ideals; no one doubts that. At least not those that have actually read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

English was and is the official language.

We are all immigrants or the children of immigrants. We, or our families, had to adapt to the way it was in America. America, and Americans, absorbed a variety of peoples and we included what was good from that culture into our own. Every one celebrates St. Patrick's Day. That perhaps is a frivolous example but it is one of the most visible ones. All of us owe something to the cultures we have absorbed.

There are many things that I remember that were good. Some things are better now; but at what price? We are losing our identities as a culture. We have lost our initiative; we have lost some of our values and others are being eroded.

We need to stop this trend now or we will become another has-been nation. Get back to basics in schools, get more insular in the world of global politics.

We need to quit shopping and sending our manufacturing to nations overseas.

We need to learn trust and loyalty again, with people, with companies, with our governmental bodies.

That is just my opinion, what do you think?