Tim Puclik casts a long shadow

By C.F. David

At six feet, nine inches tall, Boise City 's newest police officer is hard to miss. Tim Puclik II, (pronounced-Puc [rhymes with juice] lick), was born in Illinois where his grandfather was a Chicago police officer. But from age nine Puclik, (of Czechoslovakian heritage), grew up in Elsinore, Calif., where he began working as a volunteer sheriff's officer while still in high school and then, upon graduation, signed on as a civilian volunteer with arrest authority but could not carry a firearm.

Puclik then joined the army serving three years active duty in Korea , and staying after his tour of duty.

“I joined the Army Reserves and served weekends while living and working in Korea ,” Puclik explained. “I worked for Samsung as a network engineer and as an English teacher.”

Puclik also said he worked as an actor in Korean television dramas and in commercials, and wrote English lyrics for Korean hip-hop music.

Puclik, 28, has 10 years service with the regular army reserves and guard. He holds the rank of E-5 and plans to sign up for an additional six year hitch with the National Guard.

Puclik married while in Korea , and they returned to the U.S. where he returned to active duty with the National Guard in an Intelligence unit. While serving overseas with the National Guard he applied for and was accepted as a police officer with the Army and returned to Ft. Hunter Leggett, Calif. , where he worked in counter intelligence on drugs and gangs.

Asked how, with his background, Boise City could keep him and his experience, Puclik replied, “I like it here and don't see myself leaving. Dale [Police chief Dale Harper] took a chance and offered me a position. I'm going to give him a commitment.”

He likes to hunt, and had a hunting trip planned for southwestern Colorado , but his responsibilities to the Boise City P.D. will no longer allow it.

“If I could work all the time I'd love it. I love police work in general,” Puclik said.

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