Time - ever beckoning, ever sliding through our fingers, ever ticking, ever passing. Our lives have hit another milestone - the ringing in of a new year, 2006. It seems like only a mere day ago that we were all on edge at the ticking of seconds leading up to 2000. Now we find ourselves six years hence and many experiences later and the world keeps revolving and life keeps happening. There is some comfort in that - and some panic, as well. The same resolutions I astutely made six years ago have yet to be accomplished. (That's an “ouch” for sure.) But, being an eternal optimist, I look at the future with hope and view the new calendar as the starting place for a new beginning. May 2006 be a year of wonders for each of you.




My brother, Robbie, and I went to the show Sunday night and saw “Narnia”. The movie was very good and the animation was excellent. The triumph of good over evil is always welcome. That being said, the true adventure was going to the theater itself. I hadn't been to a movie in years (literally) and I hadn't walked through those velvet curtains into our theater in an even longer time span. I thought of all the years that building has stood its ground. Remember when it was the place to go in the early 1960's? I was just a kid then, and my memories are a little skewed I admit. I truly believed that Alfred Hitchcock was the guy I paid my quarters to so I could get in the door. (Okay, so I now know it was Mr. Phillips who owned and operated the theater, but he sure did look like Alfred.) It always gave me a buzz to walk into the darkened room with popcorn and Coke in hand, settle into a seat, and wait for that big screen to come alive. A cartoon of some sort would announce that reality was getting ready to be replaced by fantasy and soon I was deep into another world, the black lines occasionally flickering through the picture, the whirr of the projector a soothing sound, the dust motes and smoke (yes, back then smoking in the theater was allowed) drifting through the beam of light cutting its way from high above and behind us. Yes, going to the show was quite an experience back then.


Time has changed the show building, for the good I must say. Now the little kid in our family is seven and she has been swept into the world of fantasy in the same building, perhaps in the same seat I once occupied as a child. And I want to thank the two young and daring couples who risked much by reopening our theater so that Ariana and lots of other kids (and adults) can have the memory of going to the show in Boise City .




My sister, Heather, is turning 50 this week. Yes, she will soon be half a century old and I will be in the dog house for perhaps that long for mentioning this milestone in her life. That said, I want her to know that she will always be about twenty in my mind and that my life truly is enriched by her presence. Here's to you, dear sister!


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