Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

Because of the Christmas season I have not researched anything to comment on. I have not been reading the news as much. I did catch a couple of articles about Mad Cow disease and heightened terrorist alerts.

I feel I have exhausted resources for comments on the Homeland Security Agency and the laws that created it. If things go as they usually do there will be an increasing amount of officials abusing the powers granted under those laws. Until that happens there isn't much to say about them that myself and others have not already said.

I did see something totally off beat from my normal comments that I thought worthy of writing about, relationships: friendships, partnerships, marriages etc. It came about because I overheard in a grocery store a man and a wife talking while they shopped for Christmas. She was saying to him “why don't you talk to me any more?” How many times have you heard that complaint from people? I hear it a lot from people I talk to in chat rooms.

Some person, maybe it was Dr. Ruth, I don't recall, said, “Communications is the key to a relationship.”

 I say this is wrong; communications IS the relationship. I know this from personal experience and the experiences related to me by others. Though it is true of all relationships it is more so in a marriage.

We now have abilities to communicate to an extent unheard of before. We have phone systems that were not dreamed of 50 years ago, We have the net, email and we have a better postal system that delivers faster than ever before. Be it nations or individuals it seems to me that we are doing less communicating than ever before in history.

When the British surrendered at Yorktown it was weeks before King George found out about it. Now if there is a car bombing halfway around the world its on the news before the dust from the blast settles.

It boils down to this. Be it across the table from loved ones, across the USA with family and friends or across the world with governments we need to open up communications.

I will leave you with this quote from the movie “Cool Hand Luke” What we have here is a failure to communicate.