True Colors always shine through

I constantly receive e-mails from the wanna-be-patriots calling themselves Minuteman.

The “Minuteman Civil Defense Corps” is headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. and dedicates itself to locating and accosting illegals crossing in from Mexico. They are constantly calling for the completition of a fence along our border with Mexico, (from California to Texas the border is nearly 2,000 miles long). The fence already started will be about 750 miles long when completed, leaving about 1,200 miles open. It has hit environmental snags and according to a National Public Radio broadcast, the company building the fence was busted for...wait for it...hiring illegal workers.

The Minuteman, these self-titled defenders of democracy don't address our other border between us and Canada. To the Minuteman project illegal immigration seems to wear a face of brown. I have accused them and their political backers of being racist and I still believe it to be so. Especially since e-mails I have received as of Dec.18 and 20.

In these e-mails sent under the Minuteman letter head, the group makes the claim that more Americans are killed each year by illegals than have been killed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

The figures, attributed to Rep. Steve King of Iowa , say that each day 12 Americans are killed by illegal aliens, that another 13 are killed by alien drunk drivers and that eight American children are molested each day by illegal aliens.

Are the figures accurate? I have no way of knowing without deeper research. The figures, supposedly supplied by King, are not, (at least in the Minutman e-mail), attributed to any crime study. There is no breakdown of race when the words illegal is used. Are the killers and molesters, Hispanic, black, or Anglo. What border did they cross? We don't know.

No mention is given to how many Americans are murdered, molested and killed by sober and drunken American citizens. So...we have no figures by which to compare.

These figures without thought applied are propaganda pure and simple.

They are lies of omission; used to turn one race against another. It is a trick used in the past by Tzars running Jewish pogroms, Nazis to enslave Jews, Communists to sentence political enemies to Siberia, Chinese to crush dissension, Klansmen to hang blacks, and by the American government to place Japanese-American citizens behind wire in WWII.

It is presently being used by Iranian leaders and American White Supremacists trying to debunk the Holocaust.

The Minuteman group are in fine company.

The word for the week is subaltern -courtesy of Dan Gilland