Memorial Hospital Board searching for CEO, CFO

The Board of Control, for Cimarron Memorial Hospital is at present searching for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief financial Officer (CFO).

In filling the CEO's position the board is trying to fill the shoes of former CEO Alan Bird who left the position in August to take a similar job for Cypress Health Systems of Benton, La. Bird had been replaced by local businessman John Smith as an interim administrator and Smith has redirected his focus to his business.

The board then hired Larry Knetzer, the former CEO of Dumas' Memorial Hospital, however, before he could assume the position, Knetzer retracted his verbal agreement and refused comment of his reasons for doing so.

"They (the hospital board) have gotten several good candidates," said CFO Barbie Miller. "There are a handful of really good applicants, but there has been no definite decision made at this time," she added.

"The board is in control of the hospital in an administrative capacity," Miller said.

"They are taking their time and making sure they choose the right one. They want at least a two-year commitment," Miller explained.

Miller also said that former CEO Alan Bird is acting in an advisory capacity to the board during their search.

"Nancy Roberts has been selected as the Nursing Home Administrator," Miller said. "She was hired last Friday and will work under a provisional license."

"She will begin her duties on December 22, and we are all excited about this," Miller said.

When asked by The Boise City News if Roberts' position would be eliminated when a new CEO was hired, she said, "No, this is a permanent placement."

The position of CFO, presently held by Miller will become vacant at an as yet undetermined date and a search is also on for her replacement.

"We have a lot of good applicants interested in my position," she said.

When asked where she might be going, Miller responded that she had no comment on her potential new position.

"My daughter is going to graduate this year. It's time for a change in my life," Miller said.